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Hi! I'm Hayley. I'm 21 years old, I live in the United States and I hate mint.
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impossibile non rebloggare, aiuto

you don’t really see enough of this.

This is one of those things that makes you wanna cry instantly

I can’t wait for you to come home babe!


Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling winning the Best Kiss award in 2005



do you ever get your period and just think about your recent behavior like wow that explains a lot

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This was literally the funniest one. Even He couldn’t help but laugh.

The hard drive on my laptop is shot and they couldn’t recover any of my stuff. Over half of my pictures, my videos, pretty much all of my documents and all of my music is gone. I’m at work and struggling not to burst out crying because I’m so upset.

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  • Neighbor: So, Pizza?
  • Me: Oh, yeah, its a.... an inside joke?
  • Neighbor: Oh, so you made the shirt yourself?
  • Me: Oh, no, not at all
  • Neighbor: oh, ok...
  • Me: No like, do you know that movie that came out in theaters? Um, its called (Don't say the abbreviation, don't do it).... The...Fault In Our Stars?
  • Neighbor: Yeah
  • Me: Yeah, the author of the book, this is his face (points at shirt)
  • Neighbor: ....ok

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fleur delacour is so important i can’t even put it into words

badass girl whose “most precious” was her sister, who despite what anyone might think of her (cough molly cough ron cough hermione cough) looks past any aesthetic unpleasantries because she is completely and irrevocably in love with bill, who willingly risks her life for harry (the seven harrys, anyone???), who manages to create a spot of brightness in the middle of war (wedding!!!), who is feminine and badass at the same time, who opens her home to an entitled goblin and multiple refugees/runaways, who doesn’t sacrifice one bit of her integrity or character despite the looming threat of war

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